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Simplify investor payouts with a prepaid card-based solution from Transact24

Whitelabel Solutions T24 Branded Solutions
Visa Prepaid Card

Offer your investors a payout solution that works like any other Visa card

Instant Payouts

Send funds to your investors instantly, worldwide, at lower fees with immediate customer satisfaction

Use Worldwide

Can be used online, in-store or at ATMs in over 179 countries worldwide

Functionality Overview

The Transact24 card program suite is delivered with full end-to-end support from your dedicated prepaid team. Full card holder interface, Card Director program management services and full project support from start to delivery.

Visa Prepaid Card

Reloadable payout cards that work anywhere the Visa trademark is displayed

Use Worldwide

Can be used online, in-store or at ATMs in over 179 countries worldwide

Instant Payouts

Send funds to your investors instantly, worldwide, at lower fees with immediate customer satisfaction

Safe & Secure

All our programs are fully EMV compliant with Chip and PIN technology

Fully Documented API

Integrate Card Director seamlessly into your existing web applications and systems

24/7 Support

Dedicated first and second line cardholder support plans available

White Label Solutions

We offer a range of card-based payout solutions, from our off-the-shelf prepaid cards, to fully-branded, white label solutions, designed to give you an easy route to bringing your very own card to market.

Whether you need a white label solution or not depends entirely on you and your business needs. Considerations such as time to market, setup costs and card volumes needs to be taken into account when selecting which option will best meet your requirements.

We offer 3 basic white label options which don’t require an entirely new program to be setup, saving you considerable cost and time. These options provide varying levels of customisation and are; 4th line embossing, hot foil overprint and full white label cards.

Card Design
Cardholder Website
Fee Profile

4th Line Embossing

No No No No No Fixed

Hot Foil Overprint

Partial No No No No Fixed

White Label

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Customisable

4th Line Embossing

This is the most basic level of card customisation that we offer, allowing you to include your brand on the front of the card beneath the cardholders name, with it being possible to display up to 21 characters here. This feature is available with all of our cards and is an ideal solution for those who wish to brand their card without the additional investment required for either a hot foil overprint or white label card program.

Hot Foil Overprint

Hot Foil Overprint provides a high quality silver logo printed over the existing card design, giving you a distinct, uniquely branded card. This option requires that cards are purchased in full and in advance to cover the initial print-run. All overprinted card stock will be held separately and dedicated solely to your account. This guarantees card availability, allowing you to better plan your card distribution.

White Label Program

Our white label card solution is suitable for clients looking for an effective road to market with a fully branded card product. The client does not need to have a background in operating prepaid cards as T24 will provide all day-to-day card management services. This is the only option that caters for larger revenue streams, offering flexible cardholder pricing. The card limits of any white label product remain the same.

This option requires new program approvals by VISA and the Issuer. It is possible to uniquely brand all aspects of the program, with the exception of card currency and load limits.

T24 Branded Solutions

T24 Black Card

The T24 Black Card is the world's first prepaid program to offer complementary Priority Pass membership connected directly to a Visa Prepaid Card. This allows the cardholder access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide.

The card itself is tailored towards the high net worth market, offering a load limit of 50,000 USD, and also comes with complimentary travel insurance.

  •    USD 50,000 load limit
  •    USD 2,000 daily ATM limit
  •    USD 20,000 daily spend limit
  •    Personal loads allowed
  •    Travel insurance, including medical coverage of up to 5,000,000 USD
  •    Priority Pass membership, giving access to VIP airport lounges worldwide

T24 PayVault

The T24 PayVault Visa Prepaid Card is a single source of funds payment solution for companies looking to streamline the management of payouts to their customers, staff or suppliers.

  •    Single source of funds
  •    Approx cost to market $20 USD per card
  •    Payouts are independent of the cardholder's location
Max Card Balance
Daily Spend Limit
Daily ATM Limit
FX Markup
Personal Loads
50,000 USD 10,000 USD 2,000 USD 1.8% Yes
20,000 USD 5,000 USD 2,000 USD 2% No

Instant Loads

Our cards offer forex providers the ability to instantly load and send money to their investors, giving them access to their funds immediately for use online, in-store or at ATMs worldwide.

Card loading can be integrated into your existing FX platform with our well-documented API. You can set the system so that payouts are either controlled by the investor directly or centrally, by you.

24/7 Payouts

Loads can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, providing you with a competitive edge. This service has a proven record of increasing customer rentention as well as satisfaction with FX platforms.

Login to cardholder account

Decide on load ammount

Confirm load

Go spend

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System Uptime






Disaster Recovery Sites

System Features

T24 Prepaid Card Programs are supported by the in-house developed T24 Prepaid Card Director Platform.

This platform automates the majority of services that you'll need to run your white label card program efficiently. Once your existing web applications and systems are integrated to Card Director using our API, you'll have access to functionality which includes online card applications, instant load of cards, managing card upload float, Just-in-Time (JIT) loading of cards, etc.

Card Director comes with a merchant interface that enables them to register NDD cards against existing membership numbers, as well as to do card upgrades. Card loading through this interface allows for single card loads, batch file loads for multiple cards, and load on activation, allowing cards to be automatically loaded with a set amount when they are activated.

This interface is web-based and makes use of Google Authenticate to ensure 2 factor authentication for security. A full demo of the user interface can be arranged.

Using its PCI compliant PSP gateway, T24 have also developed a closed loop acquiring solution, enabling merchants to acquire online transactions from any of the range of T24 card products outside of the Visa acquiring network.

Key features
  •    Automated application and card upgrade API
  •    Automated instant load functionality
  •    PCI Compliant
  •    Cloud hosting enabled
  •    Fully Documented API

From our experience, we find that FX platforms who offer their clients prepaid cards as an alternative form of payout greatly increase the confidence investors have in their trading services, leading to higher retention rates and loyalty

Philip Meyer, Managing Director

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